DevOps at FireCAAT: Streamlining Development for Agile Innovation

At FireCAAT, we propel innovation through expert DevOps services that seamlessly bridge the gap between software development and IT operations. Our streamlined approach enhances integration and communication, facilitating rapid, stable software releases through continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD). We cultivate a collaborative culture that breaks down silos and fosters teamwork across departments for swifter problem resolution.

Incorporating security from the start, our DevSecOps practices ensure robust data protection and compliance, integrating critical security measures into every phase of the development cycle. This proactive stance on security not only safeguards your data but also fortifies your entire IT infrastructure against emerging threats, ensuring peace of mind and continuous operational integrity.

FireCAAT’s DevOps solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring that every solution optimally aligns with your business objectives. Whether you are looking to enhance operational efficiency, reduce time to market, or ensure scalable and sustainable IT operations, our team is equipped to deliver. We leverage cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to streamline workflows, automate processes, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.


Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

Our expertise in Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment(CI/CD) ensures swift and flawless software production. With Continuous Integration, your software is built rapidly and with precision, while Continuous Deployment ensures seamless updates and uninterrupted functionality, adapting flawlessly to new code changes.

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Infrastructure Automation

Reduce manual effort with our infrastructure automation services, using advanced software to create, provision, and manage your IT infrastructure.

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Security Automation

Enhance your DevOps pipeline’s security with our automation services, embedding stringent security practices, including CI/CD security checks.

Compliance Monitoring

Automate the compliance checking process with our services, ensuring your standards are consistently met.

DevSecOps is the contraction for Development, Security and Operations. Its mantra is to make everyone accountable for safety with the aim of implementing security decisions and actions at the same pace and speed as development and operational decisions and actions. 

Every organization with a DevOps framework must shift towards a DevSecOps mindset and bring in individuals of all abilities and all technical disciplines for a high level of proficiency insecurity. From testing potential security exploits to building business-driven security services, a DevSecOps framework that utilizes DevSecOps tools ensures that security is built into applications rather than being randomly bolted on later.

Automation is good – DevOps is all about speed of delivery, and it doesn’t need to be compromised just because you’re adding security to the mix. By embedding automated security controls and testing at the beginning of the development cycle, you can ensure faster delivery of your applications.

DevSecOps for Efficiency – You’re only adding security to your workflow. By using tools that can scan as you type code, you can detect security issues early.

Perform Threat Modeling – Threat modeling exercises can help you identify vulnerabilities in your assets and address any gaps in security controls. Forcepoint’s Dynamic Data Protection can help you identify the most risky incidents in your infrastructure and create the security you need in your DevSecOps workflows.


Cloud-native security

FireCAAT helps enterprise to implement and deploy cloud-native security to protect your data, applications and workloads. FireCAAT helps you to manage and secure the run-time environment of your Cloud native applications using our easy to use and customizable policy solutions. 

Access management

Our Access rights and functionality provide all the tools you need to manage access to your data and applications, while also simplifying and automating your daily work processes. Access Management enables you to manage who can access your account, and set up login alerts to notify you when someone logs into your account from a new location.