Course: Intermediate Course for DevOps (Course Content and Summary)

Key Highlights from Venautics:

Course Summary

This course will strengthen your skills with bonus practice activities throughout the course in DevOps. It includes DevOps fundamental, principles containerization, continuous integration and delivery, tools & technology and integration with cloud.

Course Description

This course will help learners gain expertise on below skills in DevOps

  • DevOps Fundamentals
  • Containerization – Docker
  • DevOps Thinking
  • DevOps Life Cycle – CI and CD
  • Configuration Management
  • DevOps Tools & Technology
  • DevOps on Cloud
  • DevOps for Web Application

Course Duration

  • This course is of total 40(forty) hours and is an Instructor Led Live Training class and this 40 hrs. is only for Learning & Training development.
  • Each Module (chapter) is of 4(four) hours that will be conducted as per the timeline.
  • Labs will be conducted for 5 hours and project will be conducted for 3 hours.
  • Learners will have to continue the project if it is not completed in the above stipulated duration of total – 40 hrs. and can submit the project for review by the trainer.
  • Duration extension will have to be discussed & agreed and accordingly it will be extended if there is a need from the customer side.

Note40 hrs. of training don’t include Lab Setup like Permissions, VM, Tools, License, Firewall, VPN etc.  and has to be made available to the trainer on the day1 of the training.

Course Pre-Requisites


  • Learners should have understanding of the basic SDLC concepts.
  • Learners should have basic knowledge of scripting like Linux script, java, PowerShell etc. 
  • Basic knowledge of Networking.
  • Basic knowledge on DevOps Tools and Technologies.
  • Basic knowledge of IT landscape and has interaction with software development teams, testing teams, and the IT operations team regularly.

What are the system requirements for this course?

PC / Laptop Hardware Requirements:

  • Memory – Minimum 8 GB RAM
  • Processor – Intel Core i3 or later version with CPU @2.00 GHz or above
  • Storage – 50 – 100 GB on Solid State Drive (preferred)

Software Requirements:

  • Operating System – Windows 10 or above, Ubuntu 14 or above
  • Admin Rights on the PC/Laptop /VM to install DevOps tools and software’s.

AWS Free Tier Account:

  • All our demos and hands on will be conducted on AWS cloud so an AWS Free Trial Account has to be made available before the start of day1.
  • Please note VM’s will be provisioned with the AWS Cloud Account for running the tools & scripts for devops.
  • Virtual Machine (VM) to be provided if above configuration of Laptop/PC is not there so that the lab & project can be performed within the VM before the start of day1 of the training.

DevOps Tools & License:

All our demos and hands on will be conducted on Free Trial License and this has to be made available before the start of day1.

  • Git
  • Docker
  • Selenium
  • Jenkins
  • Puppet
  • Ansible

IT Set up for the Labs:

Below pre-requisites has to be made available before the start of day1 of the training program:

  • Ports / Firewalls / VPN
  • Permissions
  • Users Access
  • Hardware – VM / Laptop / PC
  • Software & Tools Installations
  • ID’s
  • Licenses
  • Network & Connectivity.
  • Headset & Mic etc.


The entire course curriculum is being broken down into 9   modules. Below are the modules.


Module1: Set up & Installation of DevOps Tools

  • Git
  • Docker
  • Selenium
  • Jenkins
  • Puppet
  • Ansible
  • EKS

Modul2: DevOps Fundamentals

  • DevOps Basics
  • Traditional Release Management
  • Modern Release Management
  • DevOps Microservices
  • Demo & Quiz

Module3: Containerization – Docker

  • Why Containerization
  • What is Docker
  • Docker Architecture
  • Building Docker Image
  • Docker Networking
  • Docker Compose
  • Demo & Quiz

Module4: DevOps Thinking

  • Systems Thinking
  • Feedback Loops
  • Culture of Experiments
  • Kaizen and Kanban
  • CAMS Culture
  • DevOps SDLC
  • Demo & Quiz

Module 5: DevOps Life Cycle CI and CD

  • SDLC and Testing Types
  • Traditional CI server
  • Modern CI server
  • Demo & Quiz

Module 6: DevOps Tools & Technology

  • Terraform scripts
  • Terraform deployment on AWS
  • CloudFormation and ARM
  • Ansible
  • Chef
  • Demo & Quiz

Module 7: DevOps on Cloud

  • Amazon – ECS and ECR, and EKS set up on AWS
  • Custom Exception
  • Create and Manage Containers – Docker files
  • Demo & Quiz

Module8: DevOps on Web Application

  • Sample Web Application
  • Tools & Technologies
  • GitHub Authentication and Configuration
  • Build Job and Junit Configuration
  • Integrating with Jenkins
  • Integration with Sonar
  • Deploy Application on Remote/Cloud Server
  • Application Mentoring
  • Demo & Quiz

Certification Project:

Learner will have to submit certification project and will be rewarded with certificate once this project is completed..

Multiple Choice Questions & Answers:

Learners will be asked with multiple choices Q&A during the training sessions and points will be provided.

Scenario based Questions & Answers:

Learners will have to submit scenario-based Q&A and points will be provided.

About Instructor:

Professional Summary

– Trainer is a Certified DevOps Architect with 12+ years of experience in IT and 9 years in various products and
– Trainer has provided training for around 500+ learners and has supported various customers in Consulting and loves to
provide quality Cloud training and education to learners across the globe.

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